Released by Walt Disney Pictures, WALL-E is a CGI animated feature film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The film, which has a robot as its title character was released on June 27, 2008 directed by Andrew Stanton, whose previous film, Finding Nemo, won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and was produced by Jim Morris who previously worked for Lucasfilm.

WALL-E is the story of the last little robot on Earth. He is a robot that his programming was to help clean up set way in the future. Through consumerism, rampant, unchecked consumerism, the Earth was covered with trash. And to clean up, everyone had to leave Earth and set in place millions of these little robots that went around to clean up the trash and make Earth habitable again. After centuries of living in micro-gravity, the humans aboard the Axiom have lost considerable bone and muscle mass, rendering them too obese and weak to stand or move without robotic assistance, prominently from hovering chairs. Every task is now automated, including piloting the ship, which is handled by the autopilot, simply named Auto.

He collects items that he finds among the refuse, including spare parts for himself, befriends a cockroach, and saves a seedling plant, which he re-pots in an old boot. Then one day, he meets EVE, a feminine probe sent from the Axiom to find plant life. He falls in love with her upon first sight, but she does not reciprocate his feelings because her only concern is for her directive (though she does show that she's amused by his actions). When WALL-E shows her the plant he found, she stores it inside herself and deactivates. WALL-E goes to great lengths to protect her motionless body until she is retrieved by the ship that delivered her. Distraught, WALL-E clings to the outer hull as it departs into the depths of space.
Stomp the Yard
Stomp the Yard is a 2007 drama film with produced by Rainforest Films and released through Sony Pictures' Screen Gems division on January 12, 2007. Directed by Sylvain White. , working from an original draft by Gregory Ramon Anderson. The film was originally titled Steppin', but to avoid confusion over the 2006 film Step Up, the title was changed.

The film centers around DJ Williams, a college student at a fictional historically Black university who pledges to join a fictional Greek-letter fraternity. The film's central conflict involves DJ's fraternity competing in various stepping competitions against a rival fraternity from the same school. DJ Williams (Columbus Short) is a 19-year-old growing up in Los Angeles. While DJ is at heart a good kid and a gifted street dancer, he runs with a dangerous crowd, and one night an underground dance competition turns into a brawl and DJ ends up in jail. DJ's younger brother has already died a violent death, and his mother, hoping to put him back on the straight and narrow, sends DJ off to Truth University, a historically African-American college in Atlanta.

At first, DJ feels like a misfit at Truth, but when he gets a chance to show off his dancing skills, he attracts the attention of two campus fraternities. Greek life is a major presence at Truth, and each year the fraternities take part in a "stepping" competition, in which the members show off their synchronized dance moves. DJ joins the ONO house, and is eager to help them take the championship away from their campus rivals, but in time he also comes to understand the brotherhood and community service that's a key part of his fraternity's background. DJ also has more on his mind than dancing and studying when he meets April (Meagan Good), a beautiful coed.

Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana is the title character of a popular TV show which debuted on the Disney Channel in March of 2006. Hannah is a famous pop music star who secretly leads a "normal" life as a mildly nerdy Malibu teenager named Miley Stewart, who suffers all the usual complications that come with hiding a famous alter ego.

The show created a popular confusion of Hannah Montana with Miley Cyrus, the actress who plays her. Hannah's father and manager, a former country music star, was played by Cyrus's real-life father and manager, and former country music star, Billy Ray Cyrus. Mitchel Musso and Emily Osment star as the friends of Miley who know her big secret and Jason Earles stars as Miley's brother. The show was an immediate hit and led to a nationwide "Hannah Montana" music tour in 2007, with Miley Cyrus performing as Hannah. The album Hannah Montana was released in 2006, with Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus following in 2007.
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