Rainbow Brite
Rainbow Brite animated tv series was introduced by Hallmark in 1984. It was one of the most successful toy figure throughout the 80's that had generated a billion dollar in retail sales. The story started on another planet, when a little orphan girl named Wisp was taken by a Sphere of Light to a land without color. She rescued the seven Color Kids and found the Color Belt, which was the tool she needs to bring color to the land. After she defeated the Dark One with the use of Color Belt, the Sphere of Light told her new name as Rainbow Brite, and became the keeper of color.

As she battles silly villains like Murky and Lurky who prefer gray, she make friends with many creatures. Some are other kids who want to help keep everything bright, others are animals such as the egotistical horse Starlite and the quivering sprite Twink. Brian is the only person on the planet Earth who knows Rainbow Brite. He is her best friend. When things go wrong in our world, all he has to do is use his rainbow key and ask Rainbow Brite for help. Rainbow Brite

The Simpsons
Running for 16 years, The Simpsons is the longest-running prime-time animated show on TV. It is the spin-off from the The Tracey Ullman Show launched on December 17, 1989. The Simpsons won multiple awards including Emmys and was voted by TIME magazine as "the best TV show of the 20th century". It also broke two records of the longest prime-time show, and most guest celebrities which was loved by people of all ages. The show follows the comical adventures of the Simpson family in the town of Springfield. Homer is the man of the house, he works as a safety inspector at the Nuclear Power Plant and spends most of his time at Moe's Tavern getting drunk. Marge is a hard-working housewife of three children. She always tries to help the kids when they need it. Bart is a clever 10 year old who loves pranking others. Lisa is the genius of the Simpson family, and who's worth becoming president of the USA in Springfield. And Maggie, the baby of the family. Other characters include the Hindu Kwik-E-Mart owner,Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. Ned Flanders, the Simpsons' next-door neighbor who constantly aggravates Homer. Milhouse Van Houten, Bart's best friend and a complete coward. Mr. Burns, a extremely wealthy and evil businessman, and a huge variety of other characters. The Simpsons
Mad About You
Launched on the 23rd of September of 1992, the light television comedy tv series Mad About You deals about the lives of a young couple in New York City who have differences but are trying to survive the marriage and stay in love. Paul Buchman is a lovable documentary film maker. He is charming and creative. Together with him is his wife, Jamie Stemple Buchman. Jaime's sister Lisa Stemple often comes to visit them, just like their friends Mark Devanow, his wife Franand Paul's cousin Ira Buchman. But, they aren't the only ones that visit them. There are always all kinds of other characters like noisy neighbours, funny dogwalker, family members and others. Mad About You
That 70'S Show
That '70s Show is an American television sitcom which was launched on the 23rd of August, 1998. The tv series focused on the lives of a group of teenagers living in Point Place, Wisconsin, a fictional suburb of either Kenosha or Green Bay.

Eric Forman which was played by Topher Grace is the head of the group. Donna Pinciotti played by Laura Prepon, is his liberal girlfriend, and next-door neighbor. Steven Hyde played by Danny Masterson,is a rebellious hard-rocking stoner who was adopted by Forman's family and lives in their basement. Ashton Kutcher took the role of Michael Kelso, a dim-witted narcissistic ladies man. Jackie Burkhart played by Mila Kunis,is a self-involved high school cheerleader overly preoccupied with wealth and status. And Fez played by Wilmer Valderrama, is the nicknamed foreigner whose country of origin is ambiguous and whose hormones are out of control. Other characters included are Red Forman, Eric's overbearing war veteran father. Kitty who is trying to be a fulltime mom and housewife while maintaining a job as a nurse in a local hospital. Laurie Forman, Eric's older sister, whose promiscuity is the brunt of many jokes by the six teenagers, but does not stop Kelso from making moves on her. And Bob & Midge, Donna's parents. That 70's Show

Queer as Folk
Queer as Folk is an American-Canadian drama tv series which was based on the British of the same name created by Rusell T. Davies. The shows was premiered on December 1, 2000 which is about the story of the lives of five gay men living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The characters are namely Brian, Justin, Michael, Emmett and Ted. Included in the cast are the lesbian couple, Lindsay and Melanie, and Micheal's mother Debbie.

Queer as Folk was known for its somewhat frank depiction of gay lifestyles and sex but for a disclaimer, Queer as Folk is a celebration of the lives and passions of a group of gay friends. The series chronicled the friendships, careers, loves, trials, afflictions, health issues and ambitions and of a different group of gay men and lesbians. Queer as Folk

Ally McBeal
Ally McBeal is a comedy-drama television series aired on September 8, 1997 and was one of the best-known "dramedy" tv series and won several awards. Created by David Kelley, the series is about the story of life of a fresh out of Harvard Law School lady.

Ally McBeal portrayed by Calista Flockhart, is a single young lawyer who is looking for love and fullfillment in life. Her friend Richard Fish portrayed by Greg German offers her a job. And works for a fictional Boston Law firm named Cage Fish and Associates with her ex-lover and his wife, a money loving boss and an annoying receptionist. With all that is going on she must contend with her feelings and her over active imagination. Ally McBeal
Martin tv series was about the story of a radio-and-television personality, Martin Payne. He worked at WZUP as an urban talk radio in Detroit Michigan and then later on was offered his own nationally syndicated talk show in Los Angeles where he was required to move there. Martin's romantic relationship with his girlfriend turned on to be his wife, Gina Walters was also included in this series. Gina was an ad executive who also moved to Los Angeles with Martin.

Among Martin's closest friends are Tommy Strawn and Cole Brown. Tommy is friendly, but seemed to get irritated mostly with their friend, Cole because of his stupidity. A loyal yet idiotic airport attendant who initially had a crush on Gina is Cole Brown. And lastly, Pamela James who completed the circle of friends, is a sassy attitude-having best friend and co-worker of Cole. She and Martin constantly insulted and belittled each other in every episode.
Mary Tyler Moore
Mary Tyler Moore is an American tv sitcom premiered on September 19, 1970 at CBS and was created by the team of James Brooks and Allan Burns. It is one of the most popular and acclaimed sitcoms of the seventies in the US. The show follows the lives and trials of Mary Tyler Moore, a 30 year old woman, who had just a break up with his boyfriend and moved to Minneapolis determined to "make it on her own." She found a job as an associate producer for the news broadcast on WJM-TV and she began her life as an independent woman.

She found a "family" among her co-workers and her neighbors. Among these were Lou Grant, the crusty news director and her boss, Murray Slaughter, the cynical news writer, Ted Baxter, the supercilious anchorman, and, later, Sue Ann Nivens, the man-hungry "Happy Homemaker." She shares her apartment house to her best friend,Rhoda Morgenstern, and their shallow landlady, Phyllis Lindstrom.

Mary still hoping for romance, however she realize that her friends are more dependable than anyone else. Mary never rejected men as romantic objects or denied her hopes to one day be married. She did not define her life through her search for "Mr. Right." Rather, she dated several men and even spent the night with a few of them. Mary Tyler Moore

Beverly Hills 90210
Beverly Hills 90210 was one of the long-running drama tv series based around the lives of group of young people living in Beverly Hills, California, as they go to college and faces the real world. The series was created by Darren Star and was premiered on the 4th of October 1990. With has ten (10) seasons with 296 episodes, this tv series became very popular and loved by televiewers.

The main characters were the fraternal twins, Brandon and Brenda Walsh. Together with their parents, Jim and Carey, they moved from Minneapolis to Beverly Hills. Brandon was an aspiring journalist but had a problem with sports gambling.While Brenda is a good girl but rebellious twin and had a breast cancer. Included in the casts are Kelly Taylor which is Brenda's friend and was linked with Brandon. Dylan Mckay, who is a wealthy school rebel and a part owner of Peach Pit Diner. Donna Martin is Kelly's best friend and also a friend to Brenda, who suffered abuse with her boyfriend. And Steve Sanders a fraternity member and once took steroids.

As the group tried to maintain their friendship while dealing with family, romances and personal crises, this series focused on some social issues like date rape, alcoholism, drug abuse, teen suicide and teen pregnancy. Beverly Hills 90210
Kenan & Kel
Kenan and Kel was one of my favorite TV show during my younger years. I'm fond of watching this guys. And everytime I watch them, they always make me laugh. Even in the middle of the night were all you can here is a whisper of the wind, and the snore of your neighbor. Haha. Such an experience. Their acting was great and the humor of this two guys were amazing.

Kenan And Kel was an American comedy sitcom premiered on August 17, 1996 on Nickelodeon network. It was the spin-off to All That from the creation of Kim Bass starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchel. The show came from the idea of Brian Robbins, who thought that Kenan and Kel had a good chemistry on the All That.

The story was about the misadventures of two high-school teenagers who often got in trouble for screwing things up. Kenan Rockmore is a working student at Rigby's mini grocery store and Kel's best friend. Kel Kimble is a regular teen who loves orange soda, and gives Kenan's father a very hard time by injuring him most of his visits in his best friend's house. Some of the characters on the show is Chris Potter, Kenan's boss at Rigby's. Sharla is Kenan's co-worker.Chris hired her because he thought Kenan couldn't do the job but she was there to help Kenan out. While there, Sharla starts to develop a crush on Kenan. But Kenan never realized until she told him. And at Kenan's home, is her mother Sheryl. Who is very sweet, but always seem to know what Kenan and Kel are up to. She's more of a listener than a punisher, she'd rather talk out problems with Kenan than punish him. His father Roger, who always has to be on the watch for Kel. And her sister Kyra,who is deeply in love with Kel. Kyra’s biggest mission is telling on her brother Kenan. But her one true Kryptonite is her love for Kel. Kenan & Kel

Boy Meets World
The Boy Meets World tv series was aired on September 24, 1993 created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly. Boy Meets World was about the story of an adolescent schoolboy named Cory Matthews, as he learn on the events happening to his everyday life. Cory's parents were Amy and Alan Matthews who were both hardworking. Eric is his older brother and their youngest is Morgan. Shawn Hunter is his best friend. They aren't popular with girls and they usually get into trouble. Topanga is his girlfriend.

At school, their Principal George Feeny continues to make Cory's and Shawn's lives more challenging. The principal even gets involved with former student Eric as he makes some educational decisions. Feeny, who still lives next door to the Matthews, has a unique way of always seeming to know what unpredictable antics the young men are up to. Boy Meets World