I Survived a Japanese Game Show
I Survived a Japanese Game Show is a reality tv show that goes abroad in ABC project. Sends American contestants overseas to Japan to compete in challenges in a foreign culture. Whoever adapts best to Japanese culture and each episode's challenges wins $250,000.

The American contestants are Bilenda Madison, Justin Wood, Darcy Sletager, Donnell Pitman, Olga Medvedev, Meaghan Cooper, Mary Greenawalt, Ben Hughes, Cathy Nardone, and Andrew Kelly-Hayes.

For the season finale, there are three intense elimination rounds to determine the winner and the receiver of $250,000. The first challenge is that all four contestants must go out into the streets of Tokyo and have citizens do five tasks. The second challenge is a game called Squishy Squishy. The final challenge is Super Majide, which is an obstacle course made up of many things from previous challenges.