Ben Stiller
Benjamin Edward Stiller is an Emmy-award winning comedian, actor, film producer and director. The son of the New York comedy team Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller and was born on November 30, 1965. After he began his acting career with a play, Ben wrote several mockumentaries, and was offered two of his own shows both entitled The Ben Stiller Show. He started out in the movies in a bit part in Empire of the Sun (1988) by Steven Spielberg. Ben had his directorial debut with Reality Bites. That film's success led to directing Jim Carey in The Cable Guy, and has since written, starred in, directed, and produced over fifty films and television shows. Aside from receiving awards on Emmy, Ben also bagged several MTV Movie Awards and a Teen Choice Award honor.

Ben Stiller videos went from making short comedy films in the early 1990s to lead roles in box office hits such as There's Something About Mary (1998) and Meet the Parents. His other best known roles in the movies are Starky and Hutch, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Meet the Fockers (sequel of Meet the Parents) Night at the Museum, and his latest movie, The Heartbreak Kid. In addition, he also led the role in the movies Mystery Men, Zoolander, The Royal Tenebaums, Along Came Polly, Duplex, Envy, and voiced over of Alex on the animated film Madagascar.

Ben’s upcoming films in 2008 and 2009 are Madagascar 2: The Crate Escape, The Smurfs which he will provide a voice for one of the characters. Hardy Men, Date School, and has completed production for Tropic Thunder, a film he is directing and starring in about a group of actors in a war film who must become commandos themselves when a problem during filming ensues. Last but not the least, his upcoming comedy television show together with Stuart Cornfeld, Gods Behaving Badly based on Marie Phillips’ novel.
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