Martin tv series was about the story of a radio-and-television personality, Martin Payne. He worked at WZUP as an urban talk radio in Detroit Michigan and then later on was offered his own nationally syndicated talk show in Los Angeles where he was required to move there. Martin's romantic relationship with his girlfriend turned on to be his wife, Gina Walters was also included in this series. Gina was an ad executive who also moved to Los Angeles with Martin.

Among Martin's closest friends are Tommy Strawn and Cole Brown. Tommy is friendly, but seemed to get irritated mostly with their friend, Cole because of his stupidity. A loyal yet idiotic airport attendant who initially had a crush on Gina is Cole Brown. And lastly, Pamela James who completed the circle of friends, is a sassy attitude-having best friend and co-worker of Cole. She and Martin constantly insulted and belittled each other in every episode.
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