Boy Meets World
The Boy Meets World tv series was aired on September 24, 1993 created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly. Boy Meets World was about the story of an adolescent schoolboy named Cory Matthews, as he learn on the events happening to his everyday life. Cory's parents were Amy and Alan Matthews who were both hardworking. Eric is his older brother and their youngest is Morgan. Shawn Hunter is his best friend. They aren't popular with girls and they usually get into trouble. Topanga is his girlfriend.

At school, their Principal George Feeny continues to make Cory's and Shawn's lives more challenging. The principal even gets involved with former student Eric as he makes some educational decisions. Feeny, who still lives next door to the Matthews, has a unique way of always seeming to know what unpredictable antics the young men are up to. Boy Meets World
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