Beverly Hills 90210
Beverly Hills 90210 was one of the long-running drama tv series based around the lives of group of young people living in Beverly Hills, California, as they go to college and faces the real world. The series was created by Darren Star and was premiered on the 4th of October 1990. With has ten (10) seasons with 296 episodes, this tv series became very popular and loved by televiewers.

The main characters were the fraternal twins, Brandon and Brenda Walsh. Together with their parents, Jim and Carey, they moved from Minneapolis to Beverly Hills. Brandon was an aspiring journalist but had a problem with sports gambling.While Brenda is a good girl but rebellious twin and had a breast cancer. Included in the casts are Kelly Taylor which is Brenda's friend and was linked with Brandon. Dylan Mckay, who is a wealthy school rebel and a part owner of Peach Pit Diner. Donna Martin is Kelly's best friend and also a friend to Brenda, who suffered abuse with her boyfriend. And Steve Sanders a fraternity member and once took steroids.

As the group tried to maintain their friendship while dealing with family, romances and personal crises, this series focused on some social issues like date rape, alcoholism, drug abuse, teen suicide and teen pregnancy. Beverly Hills 90210
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